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Day 2 - Elf home and arrival letter

Honey.... I'm home


- Elf Home Gift Box

- Paper christmas tree

- Arrival letter

You will need

- Your elf :)

- Doll stand

- Wooden Easel 

Step 1

Empty the gift box and stand it up on a table or the floor as pictured.

Fold down the chandelier

Step 2

Stand up the paper christmas tree in front of the box. 

Step 3

Use the doll stand to stand or sit your elf on the rug in front of the home. Put the arrival letter next to the elf for your kids to read.

Leave some space so your kids can reach in to explore the elf home without touching the elf. 

Additional Elf instructions

Use the additional elf doll stand to sit or stand the additional elf nearby.

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