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Smashed Window



- Angel Wings

- Smashed glass sticker

- Caption card

You will need

- Your elf :)

- Doll stand

- Wooden Easel

- Flat clear surface

  i.e: Window/Mirror/Shower door etc

WARNING - Do not use sticker on any window/glass surface that may have any special treatments/films as this may get damaged on removal

Step 1

Clean Mirror/Window surface and place sticker at elf height

Step 2

Secure elf in standing position using doll stand

Unfold red pipe cleaners on angel wings and wrap around elf waist tying at the back. Place elf hat, if possible through the angel halo.

*If you used our Poseable Elf Kit to make your elf bendable - bend arms so that hands are in front of mouth so your elf looks extra mischievious

Step 3

Place caption card on wooden easel 

Additional Elf instructions

Use the additional elf doll stand to secure in standing position and secure angel wings


Check out our Smashed Window video..

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