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Selfie Time OR Naughty/Nice reader


- Selfie props

- Caption Card

You will need

- Your elf :)

- Doll stand

Step 1

Gently pop out the selfie props

Step 2

Secure elf into seated poition using doll stand and secure the tie and glasses on the elf using small pieces of putty

please note the lips and mustache props have not been included

Step 3 - For extra fun!!

Naughty or Nice Meter - Use this prop again and again throughout the whole month!!

Set your elf up in a seated position next to a photo of your child and place either the 'Naughty' or 'Nice' prop in the elf's hand


Let your little one know where they rank on Santa's nice/naughty list - a brilliant way to ensure your little cuties continue to behave like angels

Additional Elf instructions

Use the additional elf doll stand to sit or stand the additional elf nearby and secure one of the props


Check out our sELFie time instruction video..

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