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Playing Cards

Go fish!


- Elf size mini playing cards sheet

You will need

- Your elf :)

- Doll stand

- Putty


*Optional - other toys the elf can play cards with, i.e: action figures, lego style figures from another prop day, barbie, soft toys etc.

Step 1

Carefully push out all of the playing cards

Step 2

Secure elf in seated position and place playing cards on the groundin front of the elf. Place some cards in elf hands using the smalles piece of putty.

If you have other toys playing with the elf, place cards in front of them too.

Step 3 - For extra fun!!

Place chocolate coins or candy/treats in the center of the game

Additional Elf instructions

Use the additional elf doll stand to sit or stand the additional elf opposite and place cards in hands too.

playing cards_edited.jpg
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