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Pirate Treasure Hunt

Shiver me-timbers!


- Treasure hunt clue cards

- Pirate Hat

- Hook

- Treasure chest

You will need

- Candy for the treasure chest

*You may want to include extra candy at each treasure hunt location

Step 1

Hide the clue cards around your home in these locations

Card 2 - Bedroom

Card 3 - Front door

Card 4 - Bathroom

Card 5 - Living/Family room

Card 6 - Kitchen

Step 2

Set up your elf under your Christmas tree

- Place the pirate hat over your elfs hat

- Attach the hook to the elfs hand using sticky putty

Step 3

Put some candy in the treasure chest and place it next to your elf.

Set up the caption card on the easel


Additional Elf instructions

Use the additional elf doll stand to sit or stand the additional elf somewhere along the treasure hunt


Check out the Pirate Treasure Hunt video..

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