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Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Hey!! No Cheating...


- Mini snowman picture

- Blindfold for Elf

- Mini carrots

- Large Snowman Face

- Large carrots

- Putty

You will need

- Your elf :)

- Doll stand

- Wooden Easel

- Putty

- blindfold for the children (this could be a sleeping mask, kitchen towel, scarf - anything that can be safely used to cover their eyes)

Step 1

Display the snowman picture on the wooden easel and secure elf with doll stand into seated position.

Step 2

Tie blindfold around elf's face, lifting up over one eye. Using a tiny piece of the putty, stick one carrot to elf's hand and scatter the rest of the carrots around the elf. 

You can also attach 1 mini carrot to the snowman picture so it looks like the elf has already had 1 go.

Step 3

Place the large snowman face sheet on the wall and take turns pinning the carrots. You can use the putty provided or tape


IMPORTANT: Please do not use putty on any delicate, paper or painted surfaces and remove immediately after use.

Additional Elf instructions

Use the additional elf doll stand to sit or stand the additional elf nearby.


Check out our Pin the Nose on the Snowman video..

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