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Peppermint Collection Instructions

Just a couple of minutes each day

Getting Started

Peppermint Collection Elf Prop kit overview

Thank you for purchasing a luxury elf prop kit from the World Elf Organization.
Your prop kit includes
- 24 days of props (see the list below)
- Wooden easel
- Doll stand 
- Velcro dots
- Reusable sticky putty
Important: We have tried the putty on the elf dolls we have access to and not had a problem, however cannot take responsibility if it damages your elf. Please only use the putty if you are confident and do so at your own risk.
*Due to COVID, we decided to not provide any edible items in our props for both your and our peace of mind

You will need
- An elf
- Sticky tape
- Scissors

Each prop includes an instruction card


Check out the set up videos below

Arrival day

Drive In Movie



Instructions list

Chilling Out

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