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Intruder Alert



- Mini Lego style figures

- Blue String

- Caption Card 'Intruder Alert'

You will need

- Your elf :)

- Wooden Easel

- Putty or Tape

- Extra toys surrounding the elf

   i.e: Action figures/teddy bears/soft toys/barbie etc. 

Step 1

Tie your elf up with string and place mini figures around/on top of the elf; securing in place with tape or putty

Step 2

Place caption card on wooden easel

Step 3 - For extra fun!

Find an intruder alarm sound on youtube/spotify etc. and have the house blaring with the sound of the alarm as the elf is being looked for 

Additional Elf instructions

Use the doll stand to secure 1 elf in a seated position and then place the other elf/elves in a circle with their backs together. Secure in place with rope.


Check out our Intruder Alert video..

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