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Elf Burger Restaurant

mmm, Elf-fries


- E- lfburger 

- Elfburger apron costume

- Elfburger restaurant table

- Elf-computer, and small black card

- Ketchup and mustard

- Card reader and money

- Burger and fries erasers

You will need

- Sticky tape

Step 1

Fold the restaurant table and use sticky tape to hold it

Step 2

Use sticky tape to attach the black card to the back of the screen. Fold near the other end and attach it to the table so the screen is standing up.

Fold the tabs on the ketchup and mustard and use tape to attach them to the table

Place the card reader and money on the table. 

Place the burger and fries on the tray impage on the table.

Step 3

Put the apron on your elf and tie the ribbon around the back.

Use sticky putty to have the elf hold the card reader or money. 

Additional Elf instructions

Use the additional elf doll stand to sit or stand the additional elf nearby.


Check out our ElfBurger video..

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