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Day Off

I need some me time


- Cucumber slices

- Rubber duck

- Bottle of bubble bath

- Bath mat

- Caption card (Day Off - Do not disturb)

You will need

- Scissors

- Cereal Bowl

- White toilet paper

- Mini marshmallows 

(Unfortunately, due to COVID, we could not include edible items, so please supply the mini marshmallows yourself)

Step 1

Cut putty to size and stick the cucumber slices to elf eyes.

Important: We have tried the putty on the elf dolls we have access to and not had a problem, however cannot take responsibility if it damages your elf. Please only use the putty if you are confident and do so at your own risk.

Step 2

Lie elf in the cereal bowl and tuck in with toilet paper.

Step 3

Cover with mini marshmallows and place rubber duck on top

Step 4

Place bath mat and bottle of bubble bath in front. Set up the easel with the caption card.

Additional Elf instructions

Use the additional elf doll stand to sit the elf next to the bowl.

Place the elfs feet into the bowl and tuck them in under some marshmallows

Stick the additional cucumber slices to the elf's eyes

Day Off.jpg

Check out our video..

If you have an additional elf...

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