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Elf on a swing

Create extraordinary elf adventures this Christmas, and save yourself the stress and worry with the only christmas elf prop kit that comes with:

 - A whimsical elf home, complete with a charming door that opens the gateway to imagination

 - Your elf's name beautifully embroidered on enchanting props, creating a truly magical and personalized touch

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Snowflake Sneak-Peak

Everything you need for a magical experience

The collection contains unique individually packaged props and activities for each day your Christmas Elf is visiting

> Set up takes just a couple of minutes a day

> Each kit comes with a free doll stand, wooden easel, velcro dots, putty and almost everything else you may need

> The gift box converts into a magical home, complete with a magic door so your elf can return to the north pole each night. 

> Add ons available for multiple children or elves

Shop our Luxury Prop Kits

Enhance the experience

Made with love

Hand Made

All of our props are created and packaged by hand


Brand new props and activities every year

Stress Free

We include everything you need to make it as quick and easy as possible

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