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Happy Holidays!
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from Jan 1st!

Get Santa's Lost Button for Christmas morning magic

Elf on a swing

Christmas elf coming to visit? 

"I've done all the hard work for you so you can spend more time enjoying the magic with your kids, rather than being stressed out by it."

The Original Elf Prop Kit Company

Specializing in Luxury 24 Day Christmas Elf Kits

Designed and Hand made in the US

(by a stay at home mom)

Individually packed Staging Props

& Accessories - with Instructions that'll

only take you a few minutes everyday.

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How it works

Snowflake GIFT BOX
The only prop kit with a home for your elf


How it works

The collection contains unique individually packaged props and activities for each day your Christmas Elf is visiting

> Set up takes just a couple of minutes a day

> Each kit comes with a free doll stand, wooden easel, velcro dots, putty and almost everything else you may need

> The gift box converts into a magical home, complete with a magic door so your elf can return to the north pole each night.